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Fall Maintenance For Your Nissan | Galesburg, IL

The leaves are starting to change colors and there is just the slightest chill in the morning air. Fall is peeking around the corner, and it is time to call Galesburg Nissan to schedule fall maintenance for your Nissan.

Why Is Fall Maintenance Important?

Just as with spring cleaning, fall maintenance is a good habit to get into to keep your vehicle running right for a long time and to avoid costly repairs. Seasonal maintenance also helps prepare your vehicle for the challenges ahead when the weather changes.

If you bring your Nissan to Galesburg Nissan for fall maintenance, these are some of the critical maintenance tasks that our service pros can cover for you.


Top Off Fluids

The first place to start with any maintenance visit is to change the oil and check the levels of all of the fluids. You want your Nissan running in good condition before winter sets in.

Test The Heater

Chilly autumn mornings can turn your car into a freezer, especially if you don’t park in a garage. Have the service technician check the heating system, so that you will be comfortable on those cold mornings when you drive to work.

Check The Battery

Falling temperatures put additional stress on your vehicle’s battery, so fall is a good time to get it inspected. There are many things that can go wrong with a battery. If the terminals on the top of the battery are corroded, a Nissan technician will clean them and make sure the connection is secure. Some batteries today are maintenance-free, but others still have caps that can be removed to check the water level.

If your battery inspection reveals that your battery isn’t giving you the reliable power you need, our technicians can replace it for you quickly and easily.  


Inspect Lights

Days grow shorter in the fall, so get ready for driving in the dark. Have your lights checked out from front to back and replace any that aren’t working. If you are handy, you can do this yourself, but it sometimes takes special tools.

Another thing you can do to increase the amount you can see at night is to clean the lenses on your headlights. When a car sits out in the weather for a long time, the lenses get cloudy and that diminishes the effectiveness of the headlights. Headlight restoration kits are very reasonably priced, and the treatment can improve your ability to see out ahead of the car by 80 percent.


Take A Look At The Tires

Tires are important all year-round, but especially in the fall and winter. You do not want to find yourself in a fall rainstorm with very little tread to control or stop the car. Do the penny test to see if you have enough tread. If you stick a penny inside one of the grooves on your tires and you can see Lincoln’s forehead, you need new tires.

Some people choose to buy two sets of tires, one for summer and one for winter driving. This can save wear on the tires, but it does mean taking your car in to have the tires switched twice a year. If you’re interested in getting cold-weather tires for tackling winters in Galesburg, contact our service team.


Don’t Forget The Windshield Wipers

The windshield wipers should clear the glass with each swipe without leaving streaks or blotchy spots. Wipers take a lot of punishment in stormy weather, so changing them at least once a year is a very good idea. Ask the service technician about heavy-duty blades that are made specifically for rain. Also, top off your wiper fluid to be sure you have optimal visibility.

Need help with fall maintenance to get ready for the colder days ahead? Turn to Galesburg Nissan in Galesburg, Illinois. We’ll take care of your vehicle’s needs and get you back on the road so that you’ll be enjoying hayrides, pumpkin patches, and tailgating again in no time.

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